Hall of Fame - Batting | South Perth Junior Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1100115994015324133564691100*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP1 1South Perth Grey
26912017311532413356470269Liam WrightSouth Perth Green2020/2021Under 13 SP2 1South Perth Lime
35511599181532413356469155*Kane DarmodySouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP1 1South Perth Grey
45515893531532413356469855*Alastair NieldSouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 13 SP2 1South Perth Grey
55416255751532413356470054*Jack KirbySouth Perth Aqua2020/2021Under 13 SP2 1South Perth Red
65010703371532413360760450*Bradley TuckeySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/171 1Riverton/Rossmoyne
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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