Hall of Fame - Batting | South Perth Junior Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1137115994015324133564767137*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP11 1South Perth Lime
210898044615324133619978108*Loren RussoSouth Perth JCC2020/2021U18s - PSGL7 1Darlington JCC
3100115994015324133564691100*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP1 1South Perth Grey
49611599401532413356478196*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP13 1South Perth White
58516255751532413356478485Jack KirbySouth Perth Aqua2020/2021Under 13 SP14 1South Perth Blue
68412548871532413356476784Harley MuirSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP11 1South Perth Lime
77911599401532413356475679*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP10 1South Perth Aqua
87812493401532413356476278Nicholas Richards-ScullySouth Perth Purple2020/2021Under 13 SP11 1South Perth Aqua
97811599401532413356471178Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP3 1South Perth Gold
107316255751532413356476273*Jack KirbySouth Perth Aqua2020/2021Under 13 SP11 1South Perth Purple
117316255751532413356474973*Jack KirbySouth Perth Aqua2020/2021Under 13 SP9 1South Perth Orange
127112017311532413356471671*Liam WrightSouth Perth Green2020/2021Under 13 SP4 1South Perth Indigo
137111599401532413356475371*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP9 1South Perth Maroon
14709883901532413356479370*Samuel SzigligetiSouth Perth Green2020/2021Under 13 SP15 1South Perth Lime
157012548871532413356473970*Harley MuirSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP7 1South Perth Red
167010703371532413360762170*Bradley TuckeySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/175 1Gosnells
176912017311532413356470269Liam WrightSouth Perth Green2020/2021Under 13 SP2 1South Perth Lime
186711599401532413356478267*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP14 1South Perth Grey
196711599341532413356474067*Riley MorrisSouth Perth Indigo2020/2021Under 13 SP8 1South Perth Grey
206512545901532413356471765Thomas JenningsSouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 13 SP4 1South Perth Teal
216511061971532413360759465Ethan BydderSouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 1514 1South Perth Gold
226312715491532413356476163*Matthew StonerSouth Perth Orange2020/2021Under 13 SP11 1South Perth Grey
236311062161532413356478963*Wesley HartlandSouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 13 SP15 1South Perth Grey
246219121901532413356474062*Ben DaviesSouth Perth Indigo2020/2021Under 13 SP8 1South Perth Grey
256210703371532413360764962*Bradley TuckeySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/1712 1Gosnells
266110703371532413360761361*Bradley TuckeySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/173 1Roleystone/Karagullen
276115893531532413356471161*Alastair NieldSouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 13 SP3 1South Perth Teal
286011062161532413356475760Wesley HartlandSouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 13 SP10 1South Perth Black
295911599451532413356474959*James RichardsonSouth Perth Orange2020/2021Under 13 SP9 1South Perth Aqua
305810703371532413360763258*Bradley TuckeySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/178 1Riverton/Rossmoyne
315811416751532413360763958*Blake ThirdSouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 16/179 1South Perth Black
32588138141532413360763258*Thomas NicholsSouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/178 1Riverton/Rossmoyne
335811539181532413361997858*Jean McKinlaySouth Perth JCC2020/2021U18s - PSGL7 1Darlington JCC
345712447681532413356475057*Aiden EllisonSouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 13 SP9 1South Perth Indigo
355617831971532413356471456*Alexander RichardsonSouth Perth Aqua2020/2021Under 13 SP4 1South Perth Lime
365612493401532413356473456*Nicholas Richards-ScullySouth Perth Purple2020/2021Under 13 SP7 1South Perth Indigo
375611599451532413356476156*James RichardsonSouth Perth Orange2020/2021Under 13 SP11 1South Perth Grey
385615126201532413360757356*Ben CorriganSouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 159 1South Perth Black
395614078731532413356360056*Joshua CampbellSouth Perth Maroon2020/2021Under 11 South Perth5 1South Perth Red
405520433251532413356363755*Liam TyrrellSouth Perth Green2020/2021Under 11 South Perth10 1South Perth Grey
415516255751532413356470755Jack KirbySouth Perth Aqua2020/2021Under 13 SP3 1South Perth Maroon
425515893531532413356469855*Alastair NieldSouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 13 SP2 1South Perth Grey
435511599181532413356469155*Kane DarmodySouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP1 1South Perth Grey
445416255751532413356470054*Jack KirbySouth Perth Aqua2020/2021Under 13 SP2 1South Perth Red
455410703371532413360763954*Bradley TuckeySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/179 1South Perth Gold
46539883901532413356471653*Samuel SzigligetiSouth Perth Green2020/2021Under 13 SP4 1South Perth Indigo
475316255751532413356473553*Jack KirbySouth Perth Aqua2020/2021Under 13 SP7 1South Perth Black
48539825921532413360761353*Mitchell D McGrathSouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/173 1Roleystone/Karagullen
495310929961532413360765853*Adam HealySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/1714 1South Perth Gold
505311599401532413356473053*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP6 1South Perth Green
515310929961532413360763253*Adam HealySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/178 1Riverton/Rossmoyne
525212017311532413356477852*Liam WrightSouth Perth Green2020/2021Under 13 SP13 1South Perth Red
535212548871532413356475352*Harley MuirSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP9 1South Perth Maroon
545215532681532413360994752*Ella RichardsonSouth Perth2020/2021Under 15 Girls8 1Thornlie
555212017311532413356473652Liam WrightSouth Perth Green2020/2021Under 13 SP7 1South Perth Orange
565211062151532413356475052Baxter GraySouth Perth Gold2020/2021Under 13 SP9 1South Perth Indigo
575118964081532413360994751*ELLA DODGSONSouth Perth2020/2021Under 15 Girls8 1Thornlie
585111620241532413359382751*Wyatt WilsonSouth Perth White2020/2021Under 14 North14 1South Perth Red
595111599401532413356474351*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2020/2021Under 13 SP8 1South Perth Orange
605112670651532413356475951*Nick DolbergSouth Perth White2020/2021Under 13 SP10 1South Perth Red
615010703371532413360760450*Bradley TuckeySouth Perth Black2020/2021Under 16/171 1Riverton/Rossmoyne
625012624931532413356474550*Jasper KrahulikSouth Perth Lime2020/2021Under 13 SP8 1South Perth Blue
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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