Hall of Fame - Batting | South Perth Junior Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110477729715124133314954104*Jake CollingwoodSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 13 SP7 1South Perth Orange
210193827015124133314749101*Alfie ShepherdSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 155 1Riverton/Rossmoyne
3837772971512413331494883*Jake CollingwoodSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 13 SP6 1South Perth White
47318964081512413331614873*ELLA DODGSONSouth Perth Gold2019/2020Under 15 Girls6 1Ascot Eagles
57015126201512413331536770*Ben CorriganSouth Perth Red2019/2020Under 14 North2 1Riverton/Rossmoyne Blue
67015126201512413331539570*Ben CorriganSouth Perth Red2019/2020Under 14 North9 1Riverton/Rossmoyne Blue
76811061761512413331494268Joshua ThorntonSouth Perth Aqua2019/2020Under 13 SP5 1South Perth Black
86812514991512413331475368*Dylan KellySouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 156 1Canning Vale Black
96411539111512413331473264Shaun McKinlaySouth Perth Red2019/2020Under 152 1Riverton/Rossmoyne
106410353661512413331497964*Damian MahonSouth Perth Red2019/2020Under 13 SP11 1South Perth Green
116311061971512413331499763*Ethan BydderSouth Perth Blue2019/2020Under 13 SP14 1South Perth Green
126311062051512413331496363*Liam CapesSouth Perth Indigo2019/2020Under 13 SP8 1South Perth Red
136210090071512413331495562*Luke HerbertSouth Perth Aqua2019/2020Under 13 SP7 1South Perth Green
146116570651512413331615361*Celeste BrownSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 15 Girls7 1Ascot Eagles
15619382701512413331473561Alfie ShepherdSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 152 1Lesmurdie
166011062151512413331492260*Baxter GraySouth Perth Purple2019/2020Under 13 SP2 1South Perth Black
175911061761512413331493259Joshua ThorntonSouth Perth Aqua2019/2020Under 13 SP3 1South Perth Orange
185919235511512413331496159*Max SkerrittSouth Perth Teal2019/2020Under 13 SP8 1South Perth Green
195812698111512413331495258*Elijah A DareSouth Perth Purple2019/2020Under 13 SP7 1South Perth Indigo
205810353661512413331494558*Damian MahonSouth Perth Red2019/2020Under 13 SP5 1South Perth Teal
21587772971512413331493658*Jake CollingwoodSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 13 SP4 1South Perth Maroon
225712017311512413331499857*Liam WrightSouth Perth Orange2019/2020Under 13 SP14 1South Perth Aqua
235611599451512413331493756James RichardsonSouth Perth Aqua2019/2020Under 13 SP4 1South Perth Red
245511062031512413331498855*David ArcaroSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 13 SP13 1South Perth Purple
255511599401512413331496155*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2019/2020Under 13 SP8 1South Perth Green
26549804461512413335333954Loren RussoSouth Perth2019/2020U18s - PSGL5 1Whitfords Junior
275412493401512413331495354*Nicholas Richards-ScullySouth Perth Maroon2019/2020Under 13 SP7 1South Perth GOLD
285311599401512413331494553Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2019/2020Under 13 SP5 1South Perth Red
295312548871512413331496753*Harley MuirSouth Perth Teal2019/2020Under 13 SP9 1South Perth Aqua
305211539181512413335335852Jean McKinlaySouth Perth2019/2020U18s - PSGL11 1Bicton/Bateman
315215599301512413331536852Chazzon FossSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 14 North2 1Willetton Blue
325110090071512413331494251*Luke HerbertSouth Perth Aqua2019/2020Under 13 SP5 1South Perth Black
335112514991512413331474351*Dylan KellySouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 154 1Canning Vale Black
345013001121512413331474950Ryleigh LandSouth Perth Black2019/2020Under 155 1Riverton/Rossmoyne
355011599401512413331499950*Jonah PilattiSouth Perth Teal2019/2020Under 13 SP14 1South Perth Maroon
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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