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The following safety equipment is supplied by the club and must be worn as indicated (players may use their own gear if desired—see your coach re. suitability as gear needs to be of the correct size, type and condition to optimize playing and safety conditions).


  • Batting: Year 3's and upwards: pads, batting gloves, protector and helmet with grill. 

  • Wicket keeping: Year 3's and upwards: pads, keeping gloves, protector and helmet with grill, player’s own mouthguard.

  • Helmets are available to rent from the club for $50. Please contact Aaron on for availability. The helmet standards can be found here.

  • Hats should be worn at all times (except when wearing a helmet or bowling). For Year 3's and upwards  broad brimmed hats must be worn in the field.  Training caps are not acceptable on match days. “No hat, no play”

  • All players are expected to carry and use their own spf 50+ sunscreen at all times.

  • Sunglasses of an approved quality are also recommended in the field.

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