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Match Day Resources

Match Day Report

Any issues on game day can be submitted via the match day report.


Coaches and Team Managers can use the MyTeams portal to set team lineups and enter results for their teams.

  • Team Staff (Team Managers, Coaches and Captains) with management access can administer their teams in the Participant Portal using MyTeams.

  • Users must first be registered to the competition in one of these roles and granted access by their Club or Association. You can register via the same form on PlayCricket used by players (you will be asked to select a role in Step 2).

Download the MyTeams Guide here

Download the PlayHQ Portals Overview here.

Team Lineups:

To set your lineup before match day, you can do so via MyTeams or Game Day (for Club Admins).

  • Important: Do not access the match in eScore to set lineups in advance. Only the person scoring the match should open the game in eScore.

  • Captains, Coaches and Team Managers with MyTeams access can enter lineups, nominate captains and select a wicketkeeper in MyTeams.

  • This is optional. Lineups can also be set when starting the match in eScore or entering results.

Download the Team Lineup Guide here


eScoring matches is the simplest way to record results and automatically upload them to PlayHQ.

  • Matches can be eScored using any device via There is no app to download.

  • Login with your PlayHQ user account. You must have been granted eScoring Admin access by your Club or Association first.

  • Ensure you follow the post-match steps to ensure the match results in finalised and uploaded.

  • It is recommended you also use a scorebook or second device in the event of technical issues. 

Download the Full eScoring Guide here

Download the Quick eScoring Guide here

Manual Results Entry:

For entering match results post-game if eScoring was not used. Also, to add missing data or make corrections. 

  • If a match is not eScored, results can be entered after the match via the MyTeams portal.

  • You can also use the option to edit results or fix errors as required.

  • You Association will have a lockout period (usually 72 hours). After this time you cannot make changes or enter results, you must contact your Association to makes changes.

Download the Results Entry Guide here

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