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Rotation Policy


SPJCC strives to ensure all players have the opportunity to be involved equally in all aspects of the game regardless of skill level.  A FULL batting and bowling rotation is used for all age groups across the home and away season.  


Find attached here our rotation planner.    This spreadsheet allows you to calculate the correct rotation for your team for the full season.   By following this rotation schedule, not only will you ensure that you are fully compliant with the rules, you will also be protecting yourself from any perceived bias from parents or players as to the fairness of the rotations.  


If a player is absent from the match, then they are bypassed on the schedule for that round.  Do not try to make up the missed position for that players at a later round.


The first player in the batting list is nominated as captain.  


Please create your list with at least one more player than you currently have in your team.  Call that player "spare player".  Your rotation is then safe if any new players are added to your team mid season.  


Instructions for use:


1) Select the "PlayerList" tab that has one more player than your current team list, unless your team list is already at maximum capacity, in which case choose the exact number of players.


2) Fill in the player list in any random order.


3) Select the relevant "BatBowlOrder" tab.


4) Add dates to the rounds at the top if you wish.


5) Send a copy to your relevant age group coordinator, this will be used as a reference if at any time during the season someone questions the rotations.


6) Send a copy to the whole team.


7) Send a copy to your scorer so they may pre-fill MyCricket and the scorebook.


8) If a player is absent for a match, skip over them and go to the next player down. Do not try and shuffle the order in a latter match to allow for that missed position



If required, instructions on how to use the spreadsheet is here. 

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